A first for the gearmotor in the car wash industry - The best of both worlds

motorreductor voor de car washThe drive for the brushes in a car wash requires special gearmotors. This motor gearbox is built from two main parts: the reduction gearbox and the electric motor. Each part is made by a specialized factory and then assembled into the perfect gearmotor that drives the brush.

Car Wash Transmissies has combined the best electric motor for this application with the best reduction gearbox from Transtecno to create the ultimate gearmotor for driving your brushes. It’s a unique combination of the best of both worlds. Through a close collaboration with the Dutch company Transtecno, we have recently developed this Car Wash motor gearbox configuration and it is available (from stock) only at Car Wash Transmissies.

Transtecno is a manufacturer of reduction gearboxes with a worldwide reputation. It’s reduction gears are used by OEM manufacturers of car washes, for good reason. Transtecno has an important European position as a high-quality supplier with its impressive program and product range – especially for car washes.

The gearmotor on a brush drive must be able to withstand constantly changing loads in a very humid environment. You can only achieve this with high-quality materials, for both the reduction gearbox and the electric motor. Car Wash Transmissies has left nothing to chance when it comes to watertightness and moisture resistance. Each gearmotor is assembled by our own employees and carefully tested on a test bench before it leaves the factory.

And the installation? This is very easy because the terminal box is accessible from four sides. Car Wash Transmissies is proud to present this new combination at UNITI 2024 for the first time. Innovating products and systems is clearly a top priority of Car Wash Transmissies.


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