Raising the chain conveyor

ophogen kettingbaan 1Ever since it opened, about 8 years ago, there have been problems with the cars moving on the chain conveyor. Maurice Piket: “The chain conveyor was too deep in the floor, causing the cars to turn left and the rims to run against the chain on the left side, which regularly resulted in damage to rims. This was very annoying for customers and expensive for an entrepreneur who takes responsibility for this.”
Justin and Jasper, owners of All-In Carwash in Echt, called in the help of the company Car Wash Transmissies, which, together with Maurice Piket Techniek, looked at the issue and discovered the problem. “It turned out that the chain conveyor was located on average 3.5 cm below floor level over its entire length. This was causing the cars to 'move' to the left instead of to the right.

After thorough preparation, Car Wash Transmissies and Maurice Piket Techniek joined forces and solved the problems for the customer. “We removed the entire chain conveyor and raised it. New sections have been welded into the damaged chain conveyor sections. We started this early in the morning and finished it at night. The car wash only stood still for 1 day.”

Source: Wolters PersPublicaties (WPP) Trade magazines CARWASH


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