Motor gearboxes are, of course, also used with the conveyor belts in the car wash industry.

We have several brands in our program such as Siemens, SEW and Transtecno. The range includes state-of-art products characterised by high technical standards to meet the requirements of the specific car wash environment.

We can offer various solutions for use inside tunnel washes, where the vehicle is pulled along during the cleaning process. Again, we provide solutions for all the movements articulated inside the tunnel, from the washing brushes to the dryer vents.

Car Wash Transmissies has combined the best electric motor for this application with the best reduction gearbox from Transtecno to create the ultimate gearmotor for driving your brushes. It’s a unique combination of the best of both worlds.

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In addition to engineering and advising, we also have our own in-house workshop. This makes us flexible to quickly deliver what you need. We are the producer!

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